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Working with Server Actions (Next.js 13 Experimental)

Server actions may be the most intriguing feature coming out of Next.js 13. While it's concept is nothing new to the world of web development, it's utility within the React and Next ecosystem is invaluable for developer experience and workflow.Read more

Squish Trade - Developer Log 1

Marketplaces like Mercari and Ebay are riddled with scalpers and high amounts of fees, a relatively unknown market for volatile collectables are stuffed animals, with the rise of popular brands like Kellytoy's Squishmallows and T.Y's Beanie Babies. I took an interest in finding a solution to this problem, find out how.Read more

What to do after Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp?

Did you just finish Colt Steele's bootcamp? Feeling lost and don't know where to go next? Check out my break down on the various paths you can go through from there.Read more

Blog with Sanity.io Headless CMS - Developer Log 1

Tag along my journey on developing a personal blog with Next.js 13. We will be embedding Sanity studio into our Vercel deployment and making use of cutting edge Next.js features like the App router, extended fetch API and organizational folders.Read more